A Treatise on the Seven Rays - Volume 1 - Esoteric Psychology I
Division C - Some Tabulations on the Rays

C.I. The Rays in and out of Manifestation

  • Ray I - Not in manifestation.
  • Ray II - In manifestation since 1575 A.D.
  • Ray III - In manifestation since 1425 A.D.
  • Ray IV - To come slowly into manifestation around 2025 A.D.
  • Ray V - In manifestation since 1775 A.D.
  • Ray VI - Passing rapidly out of manifestation. Began to pass out in 1625 A.D.
  • Ray VII - In manifestation since 1675 A.D.

C.II. Ray Methods of Teaching Truth

  • Ray I - Higher expression: The science of statesmanship, and of government.
    Lower expression: Modern diplomacy and politics.
  • Ray II - Higher expression: The process of initiation as taught by the Hierarchy of Masters.
    Lower expression: Religion.
  • Ray III - Higher expression: Means of communication or interaction. Radio, telegraph, telephone and means of transportation.
    Lower expression: The use and spread of money and gold.
  • Ray IV - Higher expression: The Masonic work, based on the formation of the Hierarchy and related to Ray II.
    Lower expression: Architectural construction. Modern city planning.
  • Ray V - Higher expression: The science of the Soul. Esoteric psychology.
    Lower expression: Modern educational systems.
  • Ray VI - Higher expression: Christianity and diversified religions. Note relation to Ray II.
    Lower expression: Churches and religious organizations. [412]
  • Ray VII - Higher expression: All forms of white magic.
    Lower expression: Spiritualism in its lower aspects.

C.III. Discipleship and the Rays

from: Initiation, Human and Solar

1st Ray Force Energy Action The Occultist
2nd Ray Consciousness Expansion Initiation The true Psychic
3rd Ray Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician
4th Ray Vibration Response Expression The Artist
5th Ray Mentation Knowledge Science The Scientist
6th Ray Devotion Abstraction Idealism The Devotee
7th Ray Incantation Magic Ritual The Ritualist

C.IV. The Rays and the Four Kingdoms

Note: Much information and several interesting hints are scattered here and there in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and in this series of Instructions. I have gathered some of it together and students would find it useful to familiarize themselves with the tabulations and points noted below. - A. A. B.

The Numerical Influence of the Rays

  • The Mineral Kingdom
    Rays 7 and 1.
  • The Vegetable Kingdom
    Rays 2, 4 and 6.
  • The Animal Kingdom
    Rays 3 and 6.
  • The Human Kingdom
    Rays 4 and 5.
  • The Soul Kingdom
    Rays 5 and 2.
  • The Planetary Kingdom
    Rays 6 and 3.
  • The Solar Kingdom
    Rays 1 and 7.

The Expression of the Ray Influences

  • The Mineral Kingdom
    Ray 7 - Radiation.
    Ray 1 - Power.
  • The Vegetable Kingdom
    Ray 2 - Magnetism.
    Ray 4  - Harmony of color.
    Ray 6 - Growth towards light.
  • The Animal Kingdom
    Ray 3 - Instinct.
    Ray 6 - Domesticity.
  • The Human Kingdom
    Ray 4 - Experience.
    Ray 5 - Intellect. [413]
  • The Kingdom of Souls
    Ray 5 - Personality.
    Ray 2 - Intuition.
  • The Planetary Kingdom
    Ray 6 - The Plan.
    Ray 3 - Creative Work.
  • The Solar Kingdom
    Ray 1 - Universal Mind, Will.
    Ray 7 - Synthetic Ritual.

Some Sets of Correspondences


Mineral Gonads. Sacral Center.
Base of Spine.
Vegetable Heart.
Animal Stomach.
Solar Plexus.
Human Brain.
Vocal Organs.
The two Head Centers.


Mineral Base of Spine Adrenals.
Vegetable Heart Center Thymus.
Animal Solar Plexus Pancreas.
Human Sacral Center Gonads.
Egoic Throat Center Thyroid.
Planetary Ajna Center Pituitary.
Solar Head Center Pineal.


Process Secret Purpose
Mineral Condensation Transmutation Radiation.
Vegetable Conformation Transformation Magnetization.
Animal Concretization Transfusion Experimentation.
Human Adaptation Translation Transfiguration.
Egoic Externalization Manifestation Realization.
Some Notes on the Four Kingdoms
  1. The Mineral Kingdom is divided into three main divisions:
    1. The base metals.
    2. The standard metals.
    3. The crystals and precious stones.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 588.)

  2. The Vegetable Kingdom is...
    1. The transmitter of the vital pranic fluid. [414]
    2. A bridge between the so-called conscious and the unconscious.
    3. In an esoteric relation to the deva or angel kingdom.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p.564.)

  3. The four minor rays control the four kingdoms:
    1. The 7th ray controls the mineral kingdom.
    2. The 6th ray controls the vegetable kingdom.
    3. The 5th ray controls the animal kingdom.
    4. The 4th ray controls the human kingdom.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 588.)

  4. The 4th ray and the 4th kingdom form a point of harmony for the three lower kingdoms.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 588.)

  5. The 5th ray has a peculiar relation to the animal kingdom in that it is the ray governing the merging of that kingdom in the human.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 590.)

  6. The human kingdom is seeking to make manifest the desire or the love nature of the planetary Logos.
    The three subhuman kingdoms seek to manifest the intelligent nature of the planetary Logos.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 1043, 1044.)

  7. The mineral kingdom is responsive to the lowest type of energy, the lowest aspect of fire.
    The vegetable kingdom is responsive to that type of energy which produces the phenomenon of water.
    The animal kingdom is responsive to the type of energy which is a combination of the two above mentioned, fire and water.
    The human kingdom is responsive to the energy of fire at its highest manifestation in the three worlds.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp. 1071, 1072.)

  8. The period of radiation is longest in the mineral kingdom and shortest in the human kingdom.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1075.)

  9. The mineral kingdom provides that negative yet vital something which is the essence of the human permanent atom. [415]
    The vegetable kingdom provides the negative energy for the astral permanent atom in the human kingdom.
    The animal kingdom provides the negative force which when energized by positive force becomes the mental unit.
    • Sattva - Rhythm - Mental body - Mental Unit - Animal.
    • Rajas - Activity - Astral body - Astral permanent atom - Vegetable.
    • Tamas - Inertia - Physical body - Physical permanent atom - Mineral.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1134)

  10. Each kingdom in nature is positive to the one next below.

    (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1135)

The Incoming Seventh Ray and the Animal Kingdom

  1. The animal kingdom is to the human body what the dense physical body is to the seven principles.
  2. The animal kingdom is the mother aspect, prior to the over-shadowing of the Holy Ghost.
  3. The animal kingdom is the field of individualization.
  4. Since Atlantean days the animal kingdom has been occupied with the development of karma.
  5. Domestic animals constitute the heart center in the life of the Entity Who ensouls the animal kingdom.
  6. The animal kingdom does not react strongly to the 7th ray.
  7. The human kingdom does, but the 7th ray will have three effects in relation to the two kingdoms and their interplay:
    1. It will refine the animal bodies.
    2. It will bring about a closer relation between men and animals.
    3. It will cause a great destruction of the present animal forms.

C.V. Ray Methods of Activity

These are twenty-one in number, making in their synthesis the twenty-two methods which are the expression of the great Law of Attraction.

  1. The Ray of Will or Power.
    1. Destruction of forms through group interplay - 1. [466]
    2. Stimulation of the self, the egoic principle. 2.
    3. Spiritual impulse or energy. 3.
  2. The Ray of Love-Wisdom.
    1. Construction of forms through group intercourse. 4.
    2. Stimulation of desire, the love principle. 5.
    3. Soul impulse or energy. 6.
  3. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability.
    1. Vitalizing of forms through group work. 7.
    2. Stimulation of forms, the etheric or pranic principle. 8.
    3. Material impulse or energy. 9.
  4. The Ray of Harmony or Union.
    1. Perfecting of forms through group interplay. 10.
    2. Stimulation of the solar Angels, or the manasic principle. 11.
    3. Intuitional or buddhic energy. 12.
  5. Ray of Concrete Knowledge.
    1. Correspondence of forms to type, through group influence. 13.
    2. Stimulation of the Logoic dense physical body, the three worlds. 14.
    3. Mental energy or impulse, Universal manas. 15.
  6. Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion.
    1. Reflection of reality through group work. 16.
    2. Stimulation of man through desire. 17.
    3. Desire energy, instinct or aspiration. 18.
  7. Ray of Ceremonial Order.
    1. Union of energy and substance through group activity. 19.
    2. Stimulation of etheric forms. 20.
    3. Vital energy. 21.

(A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 1222.)

C.VI. The Seven Keys to the Seven Ray Methods


"Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, and from that lofty eminence let the Soul look upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I will persist.' " [417]


"Let all the life be drawn to the Center, and enter thus into the Heart of Love Divine. Then from that point of sentient Life, let the Soul realize the consciousness of God. Let the word go forth, reverberating through the silence: 'Naught is but Me!' "


"Let the Army of the Lord, responsive to the word, cease their activities. Let knowledge end in wisdom. Let the point vibrating become the point quiescent, and all lines gather into One. Let the Soul realize the One in Many, and let the word go forth in perfect understanding: 'I am the Worker and the Work, The One that Is!' "


"Let the outer glory pass away and the beauty of the inner Light reveal the One. Let dissonance give place to harmony, and from the center of the hidden Light let the soul speak, let the word roll forth: 'Beauty and Glory veil Me not. I stand revealed. I Am!' "


"Let the three forms of energy electric pass upward to the Place of power. Let the forces of the head and heart and all the nether aspects blend. Then let the Soul look out upon the inner world of light divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for I am energy itself. The Master and the mastered are but One.' "


"Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search is over. Let the Soul realize that it has reached the goal, and from that gateway to eternal Life and cosmic Peace let the word sound: 'I am the seeker and the sought. I rest.' "


"Let the builders cease their work. The Temple is completed. Let the Soul enter into its heritage and from the Holy Place command all work to end. Then in the silence subsequent let him chant forth the word: 'The creative work is over. I, the Creator, Am. Naught else remains but Me.' " [418]

C.VII. References to the Secret Doctrine

Ray I - Will or Power

  • Planet:
    Sun, substituting for the veiled planet Vulcan.
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
    Orange. S.D., III. p. 478.
  • Esoteric Color:
  • Human Principle:
    Prana or life-vitality.
  • Divine Principle:
    The One Life. Spirit. This is regarded as a principle only when our seven planes are seen as the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.
  • Element:
    The Akasha. "It is written."
  • Instrument of Sensation:
    The Light of Kundalini.
  • Bodily location:
    Vital airs in the skull.
  • Plane governed:
    The logoic plane. Divine Purpose or Will.
  • Metal:
  • Sense:
    A synthetic sense, embracing all.

Esoterically, this power is viewed as the life principle seated in the heart.

Ray II - Love-Wisdom

  • Planet:
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
    Indigo with a tinge of purple.
  • Esoteric Color:
    Light blue. S.D., III. p. 461.
  • Human Principle:
    The auric envelope.
  • Divine Principle:
  • Element:
    Ether. "It is spoken." The Word.
  • Instrument of Sensation:
    Ears. Speech. The Word.
  • Bodily location:
    The heart.
  • Plane:
    The Monadic.
  • Sense:

Esoterically, this power is the consciousness or soul principle, seated in the head. [419]

Ray III - Active Intelligence or Adaptability

  • Planet:
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
  • Esoteric Color:
  • Human Principle:
    Lower mind.
  • Divine Principle:
    Universal mind.
  • Element:
    Fire. "Fire by friction."
  • Sensation:
    Nervous system. "It is known."
  • Bodily location:
    Centers up spine.
  • Plane:
    The atmic, or plane of spiritual will.
  • Sense:

Esoterically, this principle of creative mind is seen as seated in the throat.

Ray IV - Intuition, Harmony, Beauty, Art

  • Planet:
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
  • Esoteric Color:
  • Divine Principle:
    Buddhi. Intuition. Pure reason.
  • Human Principle:
    Understanding. Vision. Spiritual perception.
  • Element: Air. "Thus is Unity produced."
  • Instrument of Sensation:
    Eyes. Right eye particularly.
  • Plane:
    The Buddhic or Intuitional plane.
  • Sense:

Esoterically, this is the pure reason, seated in the ajna center, between the eyes. Functioning when the personality reaches a high stage of coordination.

Ray V - Concrete Knowledge or Science

  • Planet:
    Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus.
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
  • Esoteric Color:
  • Human Principle:
    Higher mind.
  • Divine Principle:
    Higher knowledge. "God saw that it was good." [420]
  • Element:
  • Instrument of Sensation:
    Astral body.
  • Plane:
    Lower mental plane.
  • Sense:
    Consciousness as response to knowledge.
  • Bodily location:

Esoterically, this principle of sentiency is seated in the solar plexus.

Ray VI - Abstract Idealism, Devotion

  • Planet:
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
  • Esoteric Color:
    Silvery Rose.
  • Human Principle:
    Kama-manas. Desire.
  • Divine Principle:
    Desire for form.
  • Element:
    Water. "I long for habitation."
  • Instrument of Sensation:
    Tongue. Organs of speech.
  • Plane:
    Astral or emotional Plane. Desire plane.
  • Sense:

Esoterically, this principle of desire is seated in the sacral center, with a higher reflection in the throat.

Ray VII - Ceremonial Order or Magic

  • Planet:
    The Moon. She is the mother of form.
  • Day:
  • Exoteric Color:
  • Esoteric Color:
  • Human Principle:
    Etheric force or prana.
  • Divine Principle:
  • Element:
    Earth. "I manifest."
  • Instrument of Sensation:
  • Plane:
    Physical plane, etheric levels.
  • Sense:

Esoterically, this principle of vitality or prana is seated in the center at the base of the spine.

Note: Esoterically speaking, the planets which are the expression of the three major rays are: [421]

  • Ray I - Uranus.
  • Ray II - Neptune.
  • Ray III - Saturn.

A study of this will make it apparent why Saturn is ever the stabilizer. In this present cycle, the two rays of Power and Love are directing their energies to Vulcan and Jupiter, whilst Saturn's attention is turned towards our planet, the Earth.

Thus we have the ten rays of perfection, the vehicles of manifestation of what H.P.B. calls, "the imperfect Gods," the planetary Logoi. See A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, where this is elaborated. Use the Index.

The Rays and the Planes

  • Ray I - Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power.
  • Ray II - Love, magnetically functioning, produces wisdom.
  • Ray III - Intelligence, potentially found in substance, causes activity.

The Rays and the Senses

1. Hearing 7th Ray Magic The Word of Power.
2. Touch 1st Ray Destroyer The Finger of God.
3. Sight 3rd Ray Vision The Eye of God.
4. Taste 6th Ray Idealism The Desire of Nations.
5. Smell 4th Ray Art The Beauty of Revelation.
6. The Intellect 5th Ray Mind The Knowledge of God.
7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God.

The Rays of Aspect and of Attribute

The four rays of attribute, which find their synthesis in the third ray of aspect, produce the varying qualities in greater detail than do the rays of aspect. It might generally be stated that the three rays of aspect find their main expression in relation to mankind through the medium of the three periodical vehicles:

Ray I Power Life Ideas The Monad.
Ray II Love-Wisdom Consciousness Ideals The Soul.
Ray III Active
Appearance Idols The Personality.
They find their secondary expression in the three bodies which form the personality of man:
Ray I Power Ideas Mental Body Purpose. Life.
Ray II Love Ideals Astral Body Quality.
Ray III Intelligence Idols Physical Body Form.
The rays of attribute, though expressing themselves equally on all the planes, and through the periodical vehicles and the three aspects of the personality, find their main expression through one or other of the four kingdoms in nature:
Ray IV Harmony,
4th kingdom Human. The Balance.
Ray V Concrete Knowledge 3rd kingdom Animal.
Ray VI Devotion 2nd kingdom Vegetable.
Ray VII Ceremonial
1st kingdom Mineral.
These are their main fields of influence in the three worlds and upon this we shall later enlarge.

In relation to mankind, these four rays of attribute find a wide expression in connection with the four aspects of the personality, or with the quaternary. The relationship is as follows:

Ray IV Harmony
through Conflict
the physical body.
Ray V Concrete Knowledge the etheric body.
Ray VI Devotion the astral body.
Ray VII Organization the mental body.

C.VIII. Kingdoms

No. Kingdom Ray Expression
1. Mineral 7. Ceremonial Organization.
1. Will or Power
The basic reservoir of Power.
2. Vegetable 2. Love-Wisdom.
4. Beauty or Harmony.
6. Idealistic Devotion.
Uniformity of color.
Upward tendency.
3. Animal 3. Adaptability.
6. Devotion.
4. Human 4. Harmony through Conflict.
5. Concrete Knowledge.
Experience. Growth.
Intellect. [423]
5. Egoic or Soul 5. Concrete Knowledge.
2. Love-Wisdom.
6. Planetary Lives 6. Devotion to ideas.
3. Active Intelligence.
The Plan.
Creative Work.
7. Solar Lives 1. Will or Power.
7. Ceremonial Magic.
Universal Mind.
Synthetic Ritual.
The Mineral Kingdom
  • Influence:
    The seventh Ray of Organization and the first Ray of Power are the dominant factors.
  • Results:
    The evolutionary results are radiation and potency, a static potency, underlying the rest of the natural scheme.
  • Process:
  • Secret:
    Transmutation. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire defines this as follows: "Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency of fire."
  • Purpose:
    To demonstrate the radioactivity of life.
  • Divisions:
    Base metals, standard metals, precious stones.
  • Objective Agency:
    Fire. Fire is the initiating factor in this kingdom.
  • Subjective Agency:
  • Quality:
    Extreme density. Inertia. Brilliance.

The Vegetable Kingdom

  • Influences:
    The second Ray of Love-Wisdom, working out in a vastly increased sensibility.
    The fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty, working out in the general harmonization of this kingdom throughout the entire planet.
    The sixth Ray of Devotion or (as it has been expressed symbolically in The Ancient Wisdom) the "urge to consecrate the life to the Sun, the giver of that life," or again, the "urge to turn the eye of the heart to the heart of the sun." [424]
  • Results:
    These work out in the second kingdom as magnetism, perfume, color and growth towards the light. These words I commend to you for your earnest study, for it is in this kingdom that one first sees clearly the glory which lies ahead of humanity.
    1. Magnetic radiation. The blending of the mineral and vegetable goals.
    2. The perfume of perfection.
    3. The glory of the human aura. The radiant augoeides.
    4. Aspiration which leads to final inspiration.
  • Process:
    Conformation, or the power to "conform" to the pattern set in the heavens, and to produce below that which is found above. This is done in this kingdom with greater pliability than in the mineral kingdom, where the process of condensation goes blindly forward.
  • Secret:
    Transformation, those hidden alchemical processes which enable the vegetable growths in this kingdom to draw their sustenance from the sun and soil and "transform" it into form and color.
  • Purpose:
    Magnetism. That inner source of beauty, loveliness and attractive power which lures to it the higher forms to consume it for food, and the thinking entities to draw from it inspiration, comfort and satisfaction of a mental kind.
  • Divisions:
    Trees and shrubs.
    The flowering plants.
    The grasses and lesser green things which do not come under the other two categories. A group of vegetable growths which are found under the general heading of "sea growths."
  • Objective Agency:
  • Subjective Agency:
  • Quality:
    Rajas or activity. [425]

Meditation and the Kingdoms

"One-pointed meditation upon the five forms which every element takes produces mastery over every element. These five forms are the gross nature, the elemental form, the quality, the pervasiveness and the basic purpose."

You have, therefore, an analogy for consideration:

  1. The gross nature - the mineral kingdom.
  2. The elemental form - the vegetable kingdom.
  3. The quality - the animal kingdom.
  4. The pervasiveness - the human kingdom.
  5. The basic purpose - the kingdom of souls.

All of this is from the standpoint of consciousness.

Another Relationship

  1. The body
    mineral kingdom - the dense prison of life.
  2. The Akasha
    vegetable kingdom - the fluid conscious life.
  3. Ascension out of matter
    animal kingdom - the evolutionary goal of the relation between body and akasha.
  4. Power to travel in space
    human kingdom - the goal of the human consciousness through the realization of the above three.
The Animal Kingdom
  • Influences:
    The third Ray of Active Intelligence or of Adaptability is potent in this kingdom and will express itself increasingly as time goes on, until it has produced in the animal world that reaction to life and to environment which can best be described as "animal one-pointedness." Then, at this point and cyclically, the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism can make its pressure felt as the urge towards a goal, and thus [426] produce a relation to man which makes of him the desired goal. This is to be seen through the medium of the tamed, the trained and the domestic animals.
  • Results:
    In the one case we find the third ray producing the emergence of instinct, which in its turn creates and uses that marvellous response apparatus we call the nervous system, the brain, and the five senses, which lie behind and which are responsible for them as a whole. It should be noted that, wide as we may regard the difference between man and the animals, there is really a much closer relation than that existing between the animal and the vegetable. In the case of the sixth ray, we have the appearance of the power to be domesticated and trained which is, in the last analysis, the power to love, to serve and to emerge from the herd into the group. Ponder on the words of this last paradoxical statement.
  • Process:
    This is called concretization. In this kingdom we have for the first time a true organization of the etheric body into what are called "the true nerves and the sensory centers" by the esotericists. Plants also have nerves, but they have in them nothing of the same intricacy of relation and of plexus as we find in the human being and in the animal. Both kingdoms share the same general grouping of nerves, of force centers and channels, with a spinal column and a brain. This organization of a sensitive response apparatus constitutes, in reality, the densification of the subtle etheric body.
  • Secret:
    This is called transfusion, which is a very inadequate word to express the early blending in the animal of the psychological [427] factors which lead to the process of individualization. It is a process of life giving, of intelligent integration and of psychological unfoldment to meet emergency.
  • Purpose:
    This is called experimentation. Here we come to a great mystery and one that is peculiar to our planet. In many esoteric books it has been stated and hinted that there has been a mistake, or serious error, on the part of God Himself, of our planetary Logos, and that this mistake has involved our planet, and all that it contains, in the visible misery, chaos and suffering. Shall we say that there has been no mistake, but simply a great experiment, of the success or failure of which it is not yet possible to judge? The objective of the experiment might be stated as follows:
    It is the intent of the planetary Logos to bring about a psychological condition which can best be described as one of "divine lucidity." The work of the psyche, and the goal of the true psychology is to see life clearly, as it is, and with all that is involved. This does not mean conditions and environment, but Life. This process was begun in the animal kingdom and will be consummated in the human. These are described in the Old Commentary as "the two eyes of Deity, both blind at first, but which later see, though the right eye sees more clearly than the left." The first dim indication of this tendency towards lucidity is seen in the faculty of the plant to turn towards the sun. It is practically non-existent in the mineral kingdom.
  • Divisions:
    First, the higher animals and the domestic animals, such as the dog, the horse and the elephant. [428]
    Secondly, the so-called wild animals, such as the lion, the tiger and other carnivorous and dangerous wild beasts.
    Thirdly, the mass of lesser animals that seem to meet no particular need nor to fill any special purpose, such as the harmless yet multitudinous lives found in our forests, our jungles and the fields of our planet. Instances of these in the West are the rabbits and other rodents. This is a wide and general specification of no scientific import at all; but it covers adequately the karmic divisions and the general conformation into which these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom.
  • Objective Agency:
    Fire and water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in the animal power to eat and drink.
  • Subjective Agency:
    Smell or scent, - the instinctual discovery of that which is needed, from the activity of ranging forth for food, and the use of the power to scent that food, to the identification of the smell of a beloved master or friend.
  • Quality:
    Tamas or inertia, - but in this case it is the tamasic nature of mind and not that of matter, as usually understood. The chitta or mind-stuff can be equally tamasic.

C.IX. The Relation of the Rays to the Centers

  1. Head Center - Ray of Will or Power. First Ray.
  2. The Ajna Center - Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray.
  3. The Throat Center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.
  4. The Heart Center - Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray.
  5. The Solar Plexus - Ray of Devotion. Sixth Ray.
  6. The Sacral Center - Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Seventh Ray.
  7. Base of Spine - Ray of Harmony. Fourth Ray. [429]

C.X. The Relationship to the Races

Ray Full Expression Major Influence
Ray I. Will.
1st ray souls.
In the 7th root-race.
Perfection of Plan.
1st and 7th subraces.
Ray II. Love-Wisdom.
2nd ray souls.
In the 6th root-race.
Perfected Intuition.
2nd and 6th subraces.
Ray III. Intelligence.
3rd ray souls.
In the 5th root-race.
Aryan race.
Perfected Intelligence.
3rd and 5th subraces.
Ray IV. Harmony.
4th ray souls.
In the 4th root-race.
Atlantean race.
Perfected astralism.
Perfected emotion.
4th and 6th subraces.
Ray V. Knowledge.
5th ray souls.
In the 3rd root-race.
Perfected physical.
5th and 3rd subraces.
Ray VI. Devotion.
6th ray souls.
In the 2nd root-race. 6th and 2nd subraces.
Ray VII. Ceremonial Magic.
7th ray souls.
In the 1st root-race. 7th and 1st subraces.

C.XI. The Rays that must be considered in Connection with Humanity

  1. The ray of the solar system itself.
  2. The ray of the planetary Logos of our planet.
  3. The ray of the human kingdom itself.
  4. Our particular racial ray, the ray that determines the Aryan race.
  5. The rays that govern any particular cycle.
  6. The national ray, or that ray influence which is peculiarly influencing a particular nation.
  7. The ray of the soul, or ego.
  8. The ray of the personality.
  9. The rays governing:
    1. The mental body.
    2. The emotional or astral body.
    3. The physical body. [430]

The Rays and the Planets

Each of the seven sacred planets (of which our Earth is not one) is an expression of one of the seven ray influences. The student however must remember three things:

  1. That every planet is the incarnation of a Life, or an Entity or Being.
  2. That every planet, like a human being, is the expression of two ray forces, - the personality and the egoic.
  3. That two rays are therefore in esoteric conflict in each planet.

C.XII. The Rays and the Nations

Nation Personality Ray Egoic Ray Motto
India 4th ray of art. 1st ray of government. "I hide the Light."
China 3rd ray of intellect. 1st ray of government. "I indicate the Way."
Germany 1st ray of power. 4th ray of art. "I preserve."
France 3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray of knowledge. "I release the Light."
Great Britain 1st ray of power or government. 2nd ray of love. "I serve."
Italy 4th ray of art. 6th ray of idealism. "I carve the Paths." [383]
USA 6th ray of idealism. 2nd ray of love. "I light the Way."
Russia 6th ray of idealism. 7th ray of magic and order. "I link two Ways."
Austria 5th ray of knowledge. 4th ray of art. "I serve the Lighted Way."
Spain 7th ray of order. 6th ray of idealism. "I disperse the clouds."
Brazil 2nd ray of love. 4th ray of art. "I hide the seed."